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Grandparent Adoptions

Grandparent Adoptions

Grandparents do not have automatic custody rights to their grandchildren – even if they are better fit caregivers than the biological parents. Grandparents who wish to legally establish their position as primary caregivers should consider a grandparent adoption or a grandparent custody order.

I assist grandparents who wish to adopt a grandchild. There may be many reasons for a grandparent to pursue an adoption, including:

  • Alcohol or substance abuse by parent(s)
  • Abandonment by parent(s)
  • Death of parent(s)
  • Mental health issues
  • Abuse of child by parent(s)

Another reason a grandparent may wish to adopt a grandchild is to stop interference by one or both biological parents. Once grandparents’ rights have been legally established, a grandparent has the same legal rights as a biological parent. If a biological parent tries to interfere, a grandparent now has legal recourse.

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