Delinquent Child Support and Visitation

Child support and visitation rights are considered separate issues by the courts of Texas. It is a common misunderstanding that the two are related. Withholding visitation from your ex could potentially have negative consequences with the court.It may not seem fair that your ex is able to see your children when they aren’t supporting them, but you are not completely without options.

A judge could decide to fine or jail the delinquent parent for “contempt of court” for disobeying the court order to pay child support. The court may also require the delinquent parent to pay part of the outstanding child support to be released from jail.

How the State of Texas Collects Past-Due Child Support

The Texas Child Support Division has a powerful set of legal and financial tools available to them to help them obtain payment from parents who are past due in child support. These tools might include:

• Working with other states to collect child support if the paying parent has moved out of the state of Texas.

• Suspending their driver’s license, as well as any professional licenses, certificates, fish and game licenses they may have.

• Intercepting lottery winnings, federal income tax refunds, and other state or federal money the parent may receive.

• Requiring the parent’s employer to deduct child support directly from their paycheck.

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