Children’s Rights in a Divorce Case

Adults dealing with their own issues can overlook how divorce affects the children. Actions meant to protect themselves from (or retaliate against) their former partner could damage the child. That’s why there’s a Children’s Bill of Rights a parent can request in a divorce case.

Children’s Bill of Rights

This document list things children should have rights to do/be during or after their parent’s divorce. It’s written from a child’s perspective and gives adults things to stop and think about while in the middle of their own tough situation. Here’s a summary of children’s rights the document addresses:

1. Right to resume a relationship with both parents.
2. Right to be treated as a human being with our own feelings, needs, and ideas.
3. Right to continue receiving care and guidance from both parents.
4. Right to appreciate each parent without one parent bashing the other.
5. Right to show love, affection, and respect to each parent without fear of the other parent’s reaction.
6. Right to know the child is not accountable for the parents’ decision to live separately.
7. Right to not be the parent’s subject of argument.
8. Right to honest answer about how the family is changing.
9. Right to consistent visitation and explanations for cancellations from both parents.
10. Right to stress free relationships with both parents without being a source of manipulation.