Divorce agreements are meant to be permanent, but it’s not uncommon for a party to want to change it for one reason or the other. A significant change in circumstances (death, relocation, job loss) after a divorce can make a modification necessary for the best interest of the parents and their children.
The areas of a divorce that are most often modified are those involving alimony, child support and parenting. Below are a few circumstances that may justify the need for a court order modification:

• If you are ordered to pay child support and you lose your high-paying job or have additional children with a new partner, you can file a motion to modify the child support order.

• You can also ask the court to change the amount of spousal support you give and receive. If you receive alimony and your ex-spouse starts earning a higher level of income, you can ask for more money. If you’re the one paying spousal support, you can ask the court to lower or cut off the payments you make if your spouse gets a good-paying job or moves in with a wealthy new partner.

• Parenting plans can also be modified for several reasons, for example, if one parent wishes to move to another city or state. Another reason for a modification to the parenting plan could be because one parent suddenly becomes unfit, whether it’s due to drugs and alcohol, an arrest, mental health issues or addiction.

• Despite their best efforts, courts are known to make mistakes, which can result in unfair divorce agreements

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